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General Information about our service:

The Thumbtack Express poster service can help you distribute posters for your events all over the Treasure Valley.  We go door to door asking merchants to place your poster on their window, bulletin board, wall or counter.  This works best for events and/or non-profit organization happenings. 

AN IMPORTANT POINT:  We ask to put your posters up in merchant locations to be sure the poster is acceptable to them to post before posting it.  This maintains a good relationship with our merchants which is so important since we are looked on as representing your event and/or organization.  We try to be friendly and appreciative for what they are doing.  We think this is so important since it is the business community that allows all of us to put up posters in their retail locations.  They are providing a community service to us all.

You give us your printed posters and we take care of the distribution around town.
We have over 1,200 locations in the Treasure Valley to distribute to, from Downtown
Boise to Meridian to Eagle to Nampa and Caldwell (see our "Areas of Distribution").

There are several ways that we distribute posters around town:


     -  Areas of Distribution - We put your posters up on Bulletin Boards, Windows, Doors, Counters,  Walls all over town - we ask merchants if we can put up your posters in their shops, see Areas of Distribution


     -  Targeted Delivery -  we can come up with a specific route including, for example, all the coffee shops, gyms, bike shops, law firms  ....   to cater to your market (see special pricing in Price List).

Please call to schedule you in for postering work, 208-344-9498