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How does it Work?
Areas of Distribution
Types of Postering Available

Pricing Effective January 1, 2019:

Postering Prices: 
(we have a minumum charge of 100 posters)
REMEMBER you get a 10% Non-Profit discount if
you qualify (if you give us 200 or more posters).

Under 200 posters:  ...............     $1.25 per poster
200 posters or more  .............      $1.10 cents a poster
Canyon County,
                     ......................  add 10 cents a poster
Targeted Delivery to specific route locations 
                              ............   $3.75 per location
  (we will develop a route for you and delivery to
     for example:  all the coffee shops in town
     and/or all the gyms and sporting goods
       stores in town)

Poster SIZE: 
We do not carry posters bigger than 18" X 24"
because merchants do not usually have enough
window/door/counter space for posters that big.We recommend posters 11" by 17" in size in thevertical format to fit in best with all the other postersout there.  This is a window space consideration.
We recommend 11" X 17" posters to fit best in the
areas we hit. Vertical format is preferred.

Non-profit organizations receive a 10%
discount (except under 200 posters).

Rush Work:
Most postering work can be done within a week
and a half after receiving your posters.  RUSH
work is considered to be work completed in less
than a week after receipt of posters.  An added
25 cents a poster will be charged for rush work.