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How does this postering thing work?

     Generally, you get your posters designed and
printed and then bring them to us to be
distributed.  We would be happy to recommend
a printer and maybe a designer if we know of a
good one at the time.
We will carry your posters to various
merchants around town asking to put your
poster on their window, wall, counter or in
their breakroom.  We have been doing this
type of distribution since 1986 and have lots
of relationships built up, so we know where to
go and where not to go.
     We will take your posters down after they
have expired and we hit that location the next
time.  Posters are out there within the public's
grasp so they only last so long.  So we
recommend you put your posters up 2-3 weeks
before your event.  If you put them up too early,
some will come down before your event.
     Please feel free to call with questions
about your specific needs  208-344-9498.