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Areas of Distribution
Types of Postering Available

Types of Postering Available:

50 BSU Bulletin Boards-  Only non-profit or BSU
related posters can be placed on campus.  This
route is done on a per need basis, call first to see
when we will be doing this route next.

Window, Door, Wall and Counter distribution- 
We can do up to 1200 locations throughout the
Treasure Valley by asking if we can put your
posters up on retail windows, doors and counters
all over town.  Non-profit or event posters work
best here!

Targeted Poster/Brochure Delivery-  We will
deliver your materials to specific locations such
as coffee shops, gyms, sports related stores ... 
Cost is usually $3.75 per location.  We will come
up with a specific route for your posters and furnish
you with the breakdown.

Call with questions  208-344-9498.